Solidarity with Ground Handling workers in Portugal

We, the national civil aviation section of ver.di Germany hereby declare our utmost solidarity with your fight for the protection of decent working condition in the ground handling sector in Portugal.

As ground handling workers and flight attendants in Germany we have been facing a situation, in which unfair market competition and liberalization have been putting us under a lot of pressure. We are in this together with you. Although we work thousands of kilometers away from each other, we are colleagues in the end and work for mainly the same airlines and often for the same passengers. Thus we have to show them together, as well as the government in Portugal and the European Union, that there can only be a safe and sustainable aviation industry, if working conditions on the ground and for cabin crew are decent, safe and secure. Any further market opening will threaten not only social peace but also the quality of our services.
This is why we fully endorse your demands regarding a proper and constructive social dialogue with your union SITAVA and the immediate stopping of a further liberalization process.

In solidarity
ver.di civil aviation section

Here the official release:
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